The Advantages of Project-Based Work

Project-based working is on the rise. A recent global survey found that 91% of the organizations polled used outside freelancers. Hundreds of thousands of workers in Norway fall into that category, and Sonar is the company that makes it easy for organizations and project-based job seekers in Norway to find each other. But, why would anyone work as a temp? What are the advantages, particularly when using Sonar?

Artur and Adrian, construction workers from Poland who use Sonar, pointed out that one of the biggest advantages of project-based work is the flexibility and freedom of choice you have. Artur says he enjoys the “flexibility to take time off work on short notice to travel back to Poland.” Adrian seconded that saying, “I have family and as a temp I can visit them when I want.”

That flexibility is tempered, of course, by the need to put food on the table. But project-based workers have more freedom to pick and choose projects. Once the project is finished, the choice is theirs of whether to take on another project immediately. This work-life balance is missing for many full-time employees.

Being hired on a project-by-project basis also means you won’t find yourself in the position of many full-time employees – stuck in a dead-end position, working for a boss you can’t stand. With project-based work, if you don’t like working for a particular company, you can move on to a different project with a different company when the project is finished. By working in different situations and with different people, you can learn new skills and stretch your capabilities.

Another advantage of being project-based is that employers value what you bring. They want someone who has the experience and skills to hit the ground running and can manage the work effectively. Sonar matches you to positions that fit your skills and are right for you, so you can be a productive member of the project team right away. At Sonar, we can fill vacancies in most fields, with an emphasis on building and construction, finance and accounting, and business and management.

Artur feels that working on a project-based basis through Sonar offers more job security than working full-time elsewhere. “In full time employment I can get suspended if the employer has no work. With Sonar I get new work with a different company right away.”

Being a project-based worker in Norway through Sonar has an added benefit. You are paid the same, have the same rights, and have the same benefits, as a full-time employee in Norway. Sonar is your employer and contacts their clients, the hiring companies, for you. Sonar will even help with finding housing if, like many of their employees, you are from overseas. Artur and Adrian both say they are happy with the work Sonar finds for them, and that the pay is better than other agencies.

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